Decluttering Music.

Welcome to week 22 of Tidy 2020. I can’t believe how fast the time is racing away with us. I’m super excited today because I have just signed up for (and passed the first module of) the certification course for The Photo Managers (formally APPO). I’m really pleased to be gaining a qualification in Photo management as I think it’s an area that a lot of people struggle with.

This week, however, we are focusing on CDs and digital music. Now CDs are a funny one! Depending on when you were born, you may have hundreds, or you may have none at all. Similarly, you may be someone who just streams music rather than buying it and downloading it. However, regardless of where you are, take a look at your music collection. Bring it all together in one place and go through it, keeping those that Spark Joy and letting go of the others.

When it comes to storage, Marie Kondo recommends taking all CDs out of their cases and having them in a storage bag which takes up less space, and you’ll have to work out yourself whether or not this is the right solution for you. I personally, don’t have any CDs at all, they all belong to my husband as he’s the one who is interested in music (I prefer to work or drive in silence), so this isn’t a category in the house that I have any control over. He didn’t want to take his CDs out of their cases as he likes the artwork. At home, we rarely listen to CDs, but they are still useful for the car, so they are all stored in the garage to make it easy to change them over. I realise as I write this that this is a storage solution that needs revisiting as he no longer puts his car in the garage as it’s full of hay…

Have a clean-up of your digital music too – think about making some playlists that really bring you joy; make sure that you are able to easily access the tracks that you love. Short and sweet this week, let me know how you get on with it!