Decluttering and Organising Films

Team Barron enjoying a good movie.

Here we are at week 23 of Tidy 2020. When I started this challenge at the beginning of 2020, I had no idea what the year had in store for us. Following swiftly on the heels of Covid-19, the World Health Organisation has warned of famine of “biblical proportions” around the world, war torn Yemen is facing devastation as Covid-19 takes hold there, Hong Kong is suffering a massive crack-down in civil rights and in the US protests have erupted over the death of George Floyd with the Black Lives Matter movement. As I mentioned in a post earlier this week, we have suffered personal loss here in Aberdeenshire too, today an amazing young woman was buried. It seems incredible that such vibrancy should have left the world.

So there have definitely been times this year when I have thought, “What am I doing this for? Who is interested in this topic in such times?”. However, I believe what I have to say is still important. People are looking for ways to find control in their lives when so much of the world is out of their control and one way to do this is to get organised. If I can help even one person with this blog, then it is worthwhile, and so on that note, this week we are looking at DVDs and other film media.

As with last week’s post on Music, this is an area where your age may well determine what type of media you have the most of in your household. We no longer have videos in this house, instead moving to DVDs and, as those threaten to become obsolete, digital streaming. As always, for this topic you need to collect all forms of your collection together. The other week, my husband went through out physical DVDs and also our digital collection. He discovered various duplicates which meant we were able to let some of the DVDs go.

We don’t watch a large amount of films and TV in this household, so our collection won’t be as big as someone who really enjoys watching things. The kids love watching anything nature and world related though, so we have a large collection of David Attenborough documentaries! We have a family film night every week which is fun, although the kids generally still just very much enjoy the Disney and Pixar style stuff (How to Train Your Dragon is a BIG favourite here!).

With storage, again, Marie recommends taking DVDs out of their cases, but this is not something that I like doing, so we have found a small area to tuck our collection into which is out of the way in the passage between the sitting room and the school room. The Ikea Billy shelves are a great way to store DVDs.

Do you have family movie nights? What is your collection like?