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Cleaning Your Home

I always feel that Autumn, with the schools’ return and summer fading away, is an excellent time to really get back into routines. One of those routines is cleaning the home. When the weather is good outside, we can ignore the dust and cobwebs inside, but as the days shorten, it’s good to get indoors nice and cosy for the next season.

I should preface this next bit by saying that, whilst I love decluttering and organising, cleaning is not a passion of mine. It’s something that I like to get done as efficiently as possible so that I can go on and do the more interesting things.

Everyone’s houses are different, everyone’s circumstances are different and everyone’s standards are different. With six humans, six dogs and three cats in my home, it is a rare day that you will find it sparkling and I’m not one for getting worked up about the dust behind a radiator. However, the process for getting it to how you want it is the same for everyone.

First of all, write down what needs doing in the home. I put it under Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Less Frequently. An example of a Daily would be wiping down the kitchen surfaces, Weekly would be cleaning the bathroom, Monthly is cleaning the windows and Less Frequently is cleaning the woodburner.

Once you have those, you can make a rota and, if you live with others, divvy up the tasks so that it doesn’t all fall to one person.

Here is an example of our cleaning schedule. It runs over 4 weeks, and during that time, the whole home gets cleaned.

Cleaning Rota
Download DOCX • 16KB


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