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Christmas Decorations

I expect that everyone has their Christmas Decorations up already this year, but this is actually a good time to see if there are any that you haven’t put up. If you find decorations that you haven’t put up, you need to be asking yourself why. If it is because they no longer bring you joy, then you should really consider letting them go rather than storing them in your attic for another year where they will just take up space.

I check our decorations when they come out and when they go away again. When they come out it is to make sure that we will use them for the year. Most of our decorations are ones that we have bought as we have travelled and are filled with memories. We do add a couple every year, but I am afraid that I am too lazy to have a theme or a massively decorated house. Perhaps because we love them, all the decorations seem to go nicely together anyway!

When it comes to putting away at the end of the festive season, check the decorations again as there is no point in storing broken ones until next year! We often make decorations that only survive one year in the form of salt dough and so on, so we let them go with gratitude when we are packing the others away.


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