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25 Questions to ask when Decluttering

Sometimes asking whether something Sparks Joy is not enough to end up with a home and life that does so. Whilst sometimes choosing with our hearts is the way forward, other times we need to choose with our heads.

Here are some questions that you may find useful when you are choosing what to keep in your life.


Do I love this?

· Do I need it for practical reasons?

· Does it fit?

· Is it comfortable?

· Do I feel good in it?

· When did I last use/wear this?

· Would I reach for it?

· Is it damaged?

· How long have I owned this?

· How many of these do I have?

· Which is my favourite?

· Would I buy it again?

· Is it worth the real estate?

· Does this belong in my travel/holiday box?

· How long has it been open?

· If it broke would I replace it?

· How often would I need this?

· Could I borrow it if I needed to?

· How does it make me feel?

· Has it fulfilled its purpose?

· Are the contents current (books/magazines)?

· Would it be hard to find again?

· Is it worth the Real Estate?

· Who am I keeping it for?

· Does it reflect who I am now?


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