Decluttering and Organising Laundry Supplies.

Welcome to Week 15 of Tidy 2020. This week we’re going to be looking at Laundry supplies and schedules. This is quite a weeny blog post – I had thought to add it on to cleaning supplies last week, but I thought I’d give it a post of its own before we move onto linens next week.

So, what do I mean by laundry supplies? Pretty much everything that you need to do the laundry. Baskets, sorting systems, washing powder, pegs, dryer balls, bags for washing delicates in, ironing boards, ironing board covers, irons and so on. As usual, bring it all to one place, categorise and go through each category and, as usual, only you can decide on the right number for you.

For us, I keep types of washing powder to a minimum. My skin reacts quite badly to some detergents so having found one that I can use, I stick to it and just wash everything in it, regardless of what it is made of. I know that might fill some people with horror, but it works for us. It also keeps the number of supplies to a minimum.

We have two dirty laundry baskets, 1 in the bathroom which is downstairs, and one in our bedroom which is upstairs. I prefer not to have extras in the children’s bedrooms because I find then it seems to land on MY shoulders to collect them, where if the baskets are in the bathroom, it is the children’s responsibility to make sure that their clothes land in them!

Clean laundry baskets there is one for each family member; as clothes dry, they go into the basket for the correct person and then there is no excuse for that person not to sort it when it is time to be done (laundry is supposed to be sorted every day before screen time!). I have spent a significant amount to time teaching my kids how to fold properly, but it’s paid so many dividends!

As for laundry schedules, again, this will depend on your situation. I wash sheets on Tuesdays and towels on Thursdays, then at least two loads of clothes every other day (except Sunday when I give the washing machine a day off!). If you live on your own, or with just one other person, you’ll probably find that you don’t need to wash anywhere so frequently, but if you have a family, I’d recommend trying to get a load of washing in every day, even if it’s just so you don’t spend the weekend playing catch up.

I hope that you get on well with this category this week, feel free to fire any questions at me!