Cleaning supplies.

Welcome to week 14 of Tidy 2020. As staying home becomes the new normal around the world, we’re still going with our weekly tasks. I had thought about accelerating a little with the tasks, but I think I am just going to continue with manageable bite size pieces. I don’t want anyone to feel under any pressure during this time, but equally, taking some time to tidy can really improve your mental health and help you take control of the situation. This week we’re going to continue on the kitchen theme with cleaning supplies.

Just like we do each time, you need to gather all your cleaning supplies in one place. Your cloths, sponges and actual cleaning products. Bring them all together and see what you have. Do you have multiple copies of some that you hadn’t realised? How are the cloths looking? While I can see that it might be hard to see how cleaning products can Spark Joy, it has to be said that it’s certainly easier to convince yourself to clean if you like the things that you are handling!

When we moved into this house 3 years ago, the previous owners had left some products behind and it took me a year or so to realise that I was never actually going to use these and to let them go. Some were unopened and could go to food banks, whilst others were old and fit only for pouring down the sink and the packaging recycled. Sometimes you might realise that you have open duplicates, in which case you can amalgamate them into one container, but please do make sure that they are the same type as some products can react with each other in a very unpleasant fashion.

Once you have gone through your supplies and rationalised them, it’s time to think about where to store them. I don’t know how everyone else likes to do this, but I certainly find that it’s easiest to clean areas if the supplies are kept in them. My bathroom and my WC both have a bottle of toilet cleaner and bathroom cleaner in them as I find it easier to just grab them there than to go into the kitchen where the rest of my stuff is stored. As for the rest of my supplies, I have a tub with a handle that is stored under my sink (it’s easy to take around with me), and other supplies are stored in another one of those great over the door shoe storage racks.