Decluttering and Organising Office Supplies.

Here we are at Week 9 of Tidy 2020! If you have been following along, you will have now completed your Clothes, your Books and your Papers. This week we are diving into the largest category of all, Komono! Don’t worry though, I am not going to simply say, “Ok, time to do the rest of it guys!” and leave you to it. For Komono I will continue to break it down into smaller categories and this week we’re going to start by looking at stationery and “office” supplies.

I would, at this point, suggest that you don’t get too bogged down in categories that we’ve already covered. I know that The Marie Kondo Method™has a very prescribed order, but I’ve often wondered at putting Papers where it is! Although papers is a very important category and it feels wonderful when it is done, is also feels like sometimes it traps people and they can’t move on. For sure, make sure that your papers are collected together in one place, and ordered as far as you are able, but I think that it is ok to take a break from the drudge there to focus on some of the more fun stuff too.

So! Office supplies! By this I mean anything that you use to write with, or on, or in or use to keep stuff together and ordered. Pens, pencils, staplers, hole punches, files, notebooks, paper. If you are not a big crafty person, then you can also include craft supplies, such as felt tips, but if you are a big paper craft person, then it might be easier to leave this until slightly later on. Once you have ferreted it all out, categorise it and then work through seeing what Sparks Joy. Have a look at the pens that you grab to write with for example – most of us have a favourite type that we would reach for over the others.

Once you have decided what you like the best and what you want to keep, it is time to thank the other stuff and let it go. Many schools are often grateful for stationery that you don’t want and there are various recycling schemes that you can access too. For example:

There are so many different ways to store office supplies! As a general rule, it can be useful to use smaller boxes within a larger space to help corral like with like and I often hang on to smaller boxes that I pick up along the way (shoe boxes, but also iPhone boxes, chocolate boxes) to help clients when it comes to storage. However, and this is a big “however”, once again, don’t break your heart over storage at this point! During a big declutter of your house, things move around and spaces open up. Use what you already have for now and don’t waste your money buying storage solutions until the end.

As a Home Educator, I have more office supplies that usual. I keep the pens and pencils easily accessible on the table for the children to reach. They always have access to paper and their exercise/workbooks are kept near the printer. Spare exercise books and larger equipment (such as a laminator), fit in the space neatly behind the bookcases, and other equipment is kept in boxes on the shelves. As is normal in my house, nothing really matches because I like to use what I already have.