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Decluttering and Organising Bags and Shoes

Welcome to week 3 of Tidy 2020. Over the last two weeks we have tackled clothing and outerwear and this week we are finishing off the things that we wear with shoes, bags and belts.

Ok, so you should know the drill by now! Gather ALL of your shoes, every single pair. Put them into categories and then Joy Check them. As you Joy Check, also ask yourself questions like, “Are these comfortable to wear?” and “Do these support the life that I want to lead?”.

I used to be a bit of a shoe fiend, I loved them! Even after I initially did The Marie Kondo Method™, I kept a considerable amount as they all Sparked Joy. However, over time my shoe collection has shrunk as I have become more discerning over what I am prepared to have on my feet. I still love a beautiful pair of shoes, but if they are not perfect and very comfortable, then I won’t have them; this includes high heeled shoes. Off the top of my head, I think that I now own a pair of pretty flat shoes, a pair of trainers (not running ones), a pair of practical flat shoes, a pair of gorgeous heels that goes with everything I wear, a pair of lovely long leather boots, a pair of mid length suede flat boots and a pair of beautiful long heeled suede boots. I also have a pair of excellent wellies and my long riding boots. Oh, and a pair of crocs for putting the rubbish out in etc. The shoes that are in season are the ones by the door (so at the moment in the middle of winter, that is only the flat boots), the others live in my wardrobe.

Do the same collection and Joy Check with hand bags. Again, this is another area where I used to have quite a few, but have cut down a lot over time. Many of my handbags actually live in the sentimental category as they were bought for me by my husband. On a day to day basis, I only really have one handbag that I use which is a lovely marine blue leather one. It lives in at the top of the coat cupboard. Marie Kondo suggests emptying your handbag every day to ensure that you don’t end up with a large build-up of detritus. Personally, I don’t do this, but I do take out all the receipts etc and re-set it every time I use it. I have a little inner bag (that my mother made me!) that holds all the things in it that I use regularly. If I want to use a different bag, I just pick up the inner bag and move it.

Bags other than my daily bag are stored stacked inside each other in my wardrobe. It is easy to pull out the one that I want and put the others back into the stack. If your bags are being kept above your eye line, then having the handle or strap showing over the top is useful for remembering them. Some people have several stacks of different types of bags and others like to display their bags as “art”. It’s really up to you, whatever works best, and I always love to see the different ideas that people come up with.

Finally, do the same with belts! I actually don’t have any belts at all! I just don’t wear them, so they have all gone… However, I’d love to see how you store them.