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Clothes Q&A

I don't know about everyone else, but I was NOT looking forward to getting

back into the daily round this morning! However, it hasn't been half as bad as I was fearing and it felt good to get back into our Joy Sparking routines. We got the house back to nice and ordered again, did some lessons, mucked out the stables and then went to spend the afternoon with Grandpa. I have also had chance this evening to sit down and write out some of the questions that have been asked about Clothes on my FaceBook group, The Tidy Coo Crew. I hope that this helps.

Q: What do you do if you fluctuate between sizes?

A: Just do them all - don't worry about whether or not they fit, just about whether or not they Spark Joy.

Q: I'm not in a position to buy a whole new wardrobe but know that most of my current one doesn't spark joy.

A:You will probably find that you don't wear most of your wardrobe that doesn't Spark Joy anyway, so there's not much point in having it hanging around taking up space! Do the task and you can always decide NOT to discard the discards (iyswim?), but it is a good exercise for your Joy Radar and for clarity. One of my clients has number of things that she has kept but that she is gradually replacing with things that DO Spark Joy, as and when she finds them and can afford them. It is fine to take it step by step.

Q: What about practical clothing that doesn't spark joy but keeps you warm or is practical for dog walking?

A: Clothes can absolutely Spark Joy for practical reasons too, "This Sparks Joy because it keeps me warm" or "This uniform Sparks Joy because it allows me to do my job" or "This Sparks Joy because it keeps me fit" etc.

Q: When you take everything out of your wardrobe, do you need to take everything off their hangers?

A: It's up to you! Some people like to, I generally don't in the first instance when working with clients - we just lay them on the bed on the hangers. Many things may end up being folded instead though.

Q: After de-cluttering should we sort our clothing by colour or put shirts together, trousers together etc?

A: I store by type usually, and colour within that, but everyone has their own preference for how they do it.

Q: What about the clothes you spent a lot on and didn’t wear much? I know I won’t wear it again and it sparks more guilt than joy, but putting it out (to charity etc) feels like such a waste of money!

A: You will not get the money back by storing the dress in your cupboard! The money hass already been earned and spent. I think that we can both agree that there is someone out there who will get more use out to it than you are - someone who will love it and actually wear it. A dress's reason for being is to be worn; let it go free to be worn by someone else.

You have a couple of options; 1. You can sell it, either priced to sell, or more dearly (there are various people out there who will sell it for you if you want them too - they take a cut, but you would probably get more money than if you did it yourself). Or you can take it as the dress earned it's keep already by teaching you a lesson about what you enjoy wearing and send it off with a happy smile and wave to a charity shop.

Q: I have some clothing that is sentimental, should I do it now, or later on with sentimental?

A: Step away from the sentimental clothing! Save it for later in the process.

Q: I did all my clothes previously and everything is all correctly folded in drawers. I probably do need to joy check it but the idea of unfolding and then having to refold it all brings me out in a cold sweat! Can I check it in situ?

A: I would take them all out to Joy check as it’s too easy to not do it properly if you don’t and if I were working alongside you in the house, I would be mean and unfold everything. However, as it’s just an edit (rather than approaching the process from the beginning), if you can see each item in your mind’s eye, then you don’t need to unfold as you go along.