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Decluttering and Organising Clothes!

Happy New Year!

Normally I will post the week’s task on a Friday, but seeing that it is the 1stday of the year today, I’m posting this week’s a couple of days ahead…

In The Marie Kondo Method™, we choose what to keep by what Sparks Joy, but how do we know what Sparks Joy?

This week our job is to get started on clothes, so first of all, you need to locate all of your clothes! Find all of them and gather them together. If the idea of gathering ALL of your clothes feels too overwhelming, you can gather them in smaller categories; for example, t-shirts, dresses etc.

Find your very favourite items of clothing (just 2 or 3) and pick them up and give them a long hard look. Why are they your favourites and what do you feel when you pick them up and look at them? The chances are that they Spark Joy and those feelings that you feel as you pick them up and look at them are what we refer to as “Spark Joy”. Your Joy Radar may not be very strong initially, but over time, you can train yourself to really listen to it.

Start with easy wins, the clothes that you love, or really don’t know why you have them still. If an item Sparks Joy, put it on the keep pile with the words, “This Sparks Joy!” and do make sure that you say it because it will focus your mind. If an item is to be discarded, put it directly into a bag that will leave the house. As you put it into the bag, be sure to thank it for the service it has given you and do that out loud. It may seem silly at first, but the act of thanking clothes as you let them go is really helpful. You can thank them for the memories you had in them, or for the lessons they taught you (“Thank you pretty top for showing me that I really don’t suit frills”).

Try and do all your clothes in one fell swoop and this includes out of season items, and clothes that don’t currently fit.

If an item of clothing is being kept for sentimental reasons, then do not try to do it at the same time as the others, keep it to one side to be dealt with later. If you are really unsure about whether or not to keep an item, keep it with confidence – put it in your wardrobe and drawers and make sure that you can see it! Then see if you actually wear it. It is not unusual to go back and re-edit clothing once you have got used to using your Joy Radar later on in the process. I regularly get out my clothes and go through them, asking myself questions like, “Does this support the life I am trying to lead?”, or “Would I buy this in a shop if I saw it now?” as well as “Does this Spark Joy?”.

I will be getting a clothes FAQ up during the week.