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Rosie Recommends
For Wardrobes

These are products that we've either used in our own homes, or have had success using with our clients.

Please, please, please don't try and buy your way to an organised home - these suggestions are for AFTER you have decluttered!  There is no point in organising what you can let go of!


If you buy through these links, we may get an affiliate fee at no extra cost to you.  

However, please know that we would never recommend a product that we didn't whole heartedly think was good!

Velvet Coathangers

I love hangers that match, they change the whole look of a wardrobe.  These velvet ones are slimline, stop garments slipping off and come in all sorts of colours!

Ikea Skubb Boxes

I'm a big fan of Ikea Skubb boxes - they can be arranged in all sorts of ways and are an inexpensive, yet durable, way of organising your clothing.

Velvet hanger Converter

And because there is nothing more annoying than getting your lovely hangers and then not being able to put skirts on them, these little converters are great.

Jewellery Organiser.

I have one of these myself - it took me quite a while to psych myself up to buy it as it wasn't cheap, but after 10 years of looking longingly at it, I went ahead and bought it and was thrilled.

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