The number of Tidying lessons that you need is led by you and depends on the number of objects you own and the amount of “homework” that you are willing to do.  Some clients want me with them every step of the way, whilst others are happy to continue to work alone once they have been set off in each category.

My aim with the process is that you should actually save money! Although decluttering and organising your belongings is an upfront cost, going through the Marie Kondo Method will influence future spending habits, partly because you know what you have (and so don’t go out to buy something that you already have multiple copies of!) and partly because it changes your relationship with your belongings. 




As a rule of thumb, the optimum length of time for an in-home session is about 5 hours, although they can range from 3 hours to 7 hours.  Any shorter than 3 hours and it is really hard to make progress, any longer than 7 hours and it’s just too much to process.  

I charge £105 for a 3 hour session (which is my minimum charge), £130 for a 4 hour session and £150 for a 5 hour session.  

Additional hours for a session are £30/hr and I invoice after the session, so you only pay for the hours I work with you.

Although we book for a specific length of time, that time is still flexible. If you booked for 5 hours (the optimum), but we found that the energy was flagging after 4 hours, then we can cut it short at an appropriate place. Alternatively, if we found that we were really powering on, and you wished to continue, then we could extend the session. 

There are no set timings for how often the sessions take place.  The average is about once a month, but some people like them closer together and others prefer them further apart.  It is up to you.



As well as In Home sessions, I offer online virtual sessions.  These tend to be shorter and more frequent and are currently priced at £20 an hour.



As the number of photos we take increases, many people feel buried and overwhelmed by them.  I can help you to edit and curate your collection and bring it back under your control so that you can enjoy your memories.  
Contact me to find out more.


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